Slate Roofing

Slate is considered by many to be the best material to use on a roof and its natural properties can withstand the most severe weather conditions. Being a natural stone slate is more durable than any man made material. Once a slate roof is installed it will last a life time.

GB roofers can offer you a range of options to suit your needs and budget such as natural or synthetic slate.

Tile Roofing

When having a tiled roof installed you have two main options, an interlocking tile and a plain tile. We will offer you professional advice on what products to chose for your property, budget and look. Once a tiled roof is installed correctly, it will add to the look of your property, whilst last many years.

Velux Windows

Why not add a Velux window to your attic space, loft conversion or kitchen extension. Available in many sizes and styles a Velux window will add more natural light, giving an airy space. Velux windows are suitable for all roof types. We can also offer Velux blinds.

Roof Repairs

We offer a roofing repair service for all roof types. From investigating a leak to one broken slate or a full chimney repair, we give a reliable service for those in need of a roof repair. Once on your roof we will take photos of the areas in need of repair to show our customer, allowing them to see for themselves what the general condition of there roof is, before deciding whether they would like to have any of the fixes undertaken.

Flat Roofing

GB roofing offer a flat roofing service. We will come give a survey and see the situation with your existing flat roof. We will then discuss the current condition of the roof before giving our advice on what to do next, if the roof is repairable or will require a new installation.

We discuss what flat roofing systems are available on the market before giving you our professional advice as to what would suit your roof the best.

If required we can also offer you a quotation for any extra work required such as facias, soffits and gutters.